SUBOTRON (Austria)

SUBOTRON is a shop and meeting point for the discourse on digital game culture at the Museums Quarter Vienna since 2004 and organizes lectures, workshops, social meetings, exhibitions and concerts. All hard- and software of the collection can be played and purchased.

In a series of lectures on the theory of digital games established in 2005, international and local experts discuss topics from the fields of science, economy and art to enhance the critical debate on recent social developments.

Since 2011, SUBOTRON organizes a weekly series of events on the professional practice to encourage the creative entrepreneurial knowledge regarding education and career opportunities, local companies, and internal networking.

The series pursues the objective of linking business, science, and the community, promoting their development and public perception, and consequently supporting the establishment of the Austrian gaming scene.

At the moment, SUBOTRON transforms into a “Center for digital game culture”, where the existing collection of the history of digital games will be extended to a museal context, a library will be founded and the knowledge transfer / media literacy of our society will be expanded.